Service Quality


Recognising the impact of tourism on natural resource availability and climate change, Faros Hotel is constantly working to improve the environmental performance of our unit by focusing on areas such as energy efficiency, renewable energy, water conservation, waste minimisation and sustainable procurement.

Here at Faros Hotel, we are trying to ensure that our hotel has also a positive social and economic effect, and wherever possible minimize or eliminate instances of negative impact.

We always encourage our customers to respect and participate in the efforts to minimise the environmental impacts of the operation. Small changes in our everyday lifestyle can make a huge difference to the Environment’s well-being.

We have established measurable and constantly monitored objectives in all functions of our operations for energy and water consumption and waste management. These are reviewed annually to improve the daily operation of our hotel and to establish and maintain clear conservation goals.

The primary goals related to environmental management are therefore as follows:

1. Certification

  • To obtain our sustainability criteria including the socio-economic impacts and staff welfare, the Environment Keeper Gold Award standard is to be regained for the future, as well as continuing adhering to International Standards such as ISO 14001, ISO 22000 and ISO 9001.
  • Ensure compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

2. Energy Resource Management

  • Measuring, monitoring, and recording our energy usage (electricity, water, gas & petrol) and aiming to reduce it wherever possible.
  • Low energy light bulbs and LED lights are lighted in all public areas and accommodation properties.
  • Monitoring and adjusting temperatures of the A/C systems of the hotel.
  • All the lights in public areas, toilets and staff areas are controlled by motion sensors or light timers.
  • All the rooms are equipped with electronic key cards and motion sensors, which contribute to energy conservation.
  • Encouraging all staff to save electricity through briefings and monthly gatherings.
  • Air curtains have been placed throughout our fridges in our Kitchen to reduce infiltration through door openings and save energy.

3. Renewable Energy Sources

  • We are using environmentally friendly heat pumps to achieve efficient energy saving.
  • We offer our guests an eco-friendly electric vehicle charging station at our premises as part of our commitment to a sustainable and greener future.
  • We are also using solar panels for hot water production to reduce as much as possible electricity usage in our hotel.

4. Sustainable Water Management Practices

  • A label is placed in every room regarding sheets and towel changes informing the guests that we implemented a rule that if the linens are not specifically wet or dirty we will replace them twice a week to minimize water and energy consumption.
  • Linen-less meeting tables to avoid excess laundry.
  • Automated system for watering the plant
  • For our pools, we do not use drinking water but instead we are using water coming from Municipality irrigations.

5. Waste Management and Recycling

  • The hotel collects and recycles: Paper, PMD, glass, batteries, ink cartridges, cooking oil, lamps, electric and electronic appliances, plastic, wood, metals and gardening waste.
  • Waste bins with separate sockets for paper/plastic/glass. Recycling points throughout the hotel.
  • Emphasis is given to reducing paper waste volume to the absolute minimum.
  • The Hotel follows the principle of “Reduce-Reuse-Repair-Recycle-Recover” for supplies.
  • Gardening waste is collected and only transferred to sanctioned points assigned by the Municipality
  • Supporting recycling efforts by actively promoting and facilitating recycling within our hotel operations. We encourage both our staff and guests to practice recycling, provide appropriate facilities and resources, and aim to minimize waste generation through recycling initiatives.

6. Chemical Usage

  • We carefully monitor the use of chemicals replacing most of them with ecologically conscious alternatives.

7. Human Resource Management

  • Recognizing that the prosperity of our staff is paramount. We ensure equal and respectful treatment of all employees, prioritize staff skill development and training, and have a reward system in place to acknowledge and appreciate their contributions toward achieving the company’s goals through their hard work.
  • We respect the fundamental human rights of everyone. We believe our employees are our most important asset. We ensure employees are treated fairly and not discriminated against irrespective of religion, belief, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, culture, or disability.

8. Community Actions

  • The hotel recognizes the importance of hiring staff from the local community. Consequently, the bond between the two parties (hotel – and local community) strengthens and thus the local economy benefits by this action.
  • The hotel prioritizes brands and products for purchase from the local and national community. Therefore, the local and national economy is supported and promoted.
  • Daily, during our breakfast buffet, Cypriot products are highlighted in a separate section, with our staff being available to explain to our guests the recipes and history of Cypriot delicacies. During the Cypriot theme night, organized minimum once a week, traditional recipes as well as local products are the main attraction of the week for everyone.
  • All our guests are informed by our Guest Relations team about events that take place around the island and are encouraged to visit the archaeological interest areas of the town. In this way, we promote our culture and our traditional customs.

9. Child Protection Policies

  • We always promote the welfare of children and young persons as a value of great importance.
  • We promote the right of every person under the age of 18 to equal protection from abuse, neglect and exploitation, irrespective of age, disability, gender, nationality, religious belief, and sexuality
  • In addition, we train our employees on this policy and ways of identifying and reporting incidents of child abuse, neglect or exploitation.

10. Donations and Charity Actions

  • We organise Blood Donation by our colleagues (Mobile Unit for blood donation visits the hotel once a year).
  • The Hotel supports the local community through monetary or in-kind donations that improve the lives of local people in need, assist local non-governmental organisations, protect the environment or preserve local culture and traditions. We always encourage our guests to assist in this effort too.

To summarize, Faros Hotel is a testament to the power of community and sustainability. By preserving the cultural heritage, investing in sustainable practices, and supporting the local economy.

Acting with full respect for human rights and treating all guests, visitors, suppliers, subcontractors, and staff equally and respectfully, without any form of discrimination. We create an inclusive environment where everyone is treated fairly and with dignity.